Thursday, August 28, 2008

Does anyone want to sell or give away?

We had a friend offer to give us a convertible crib. We are so thankful to them and apprciate everyone who tried to locate us one. We are looking for a few other items so if you know anyone that might have it forward the email to them please. We will be able to use Rylie's infant carrier and car seat in my car, however we will still need a car seat for Robbie's truck we only got one base for Rylie's carrier. We are looking for a convertible car seat also. Robbie has one for Rylie in his truck, and it is great because it holds from like 5 lbs to 40 or something like that.
Also we are looking for a sit and stand stroller or joovy caboose. I like to go placed with Rylie and can only imagine how hard it will be with two little ones. This kind of stroller will(I believe) make Rylie feel like a big girl because she can stand or sit in the back and have a little more freedom. We went to a consignment sale and got a few items of clothes last week. I still have to go through Rylie's sleepers, but most of her stuff is girly, because we had our showers after she got home. So people mainly bought girly if you know of anyone trying to get rid of some baby boy things also let me know (or any good consignment sales) . I am also looking for a infant carrier one that wraps around you, I didn't use one with Rylie, but feel it might make things easier having two of them. She is going through her terrible two stage and has lost her mind temporarily. I know it will all return in time.:)
I have been looking on craigslist and ebay, but of course would rather buy from friends and family first:)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

online fundraiser for little man's adoption:)

Thanks for Kelley for giving me the idea of a on-line yard sale aka fundraiser for little man....
:) I owe you one...I just hope it works out for us.
Here are a few items that we are trying to sell. I will list more as I can because my camera and computer as I have mentioned before both are dying a SLLLLOOOOWWW death...we know that we are in God's will for this baby because everything that can break has is too much to vent about...however we are not letting satan get us down..not even this past sunday when we were all piling in the car for church and the car wouldn't start...nope not gonna vent:)

Anyway we are listing some things on craigslist also and trying EBAY as well...As you know Rylie's clothes are in GREAT shape hardly worn.

Praise God for little man's adoption we don't have to raise that much money as comparison to Rylie's since it is a private adoption. If all parties cooperate we will need between 3500-5000 for attorney fees only. If there are no problems it will be at the lower end...We are also having to pay for her counseling which is 95/hr...(I need to get in on that counseling bit huh:)) it is not covered by her insurance, but our attorney HIGHLY recommends it so she will be prepared better for things the day she delivers.Anyway God found a way for us with Rylie and I KNOW he will find a way for us with this little man....

We appreciate you looking and God Bless!!! If interested in any items and don't want to pick them up we can ship for a small fee as well...OBO on any items... Don't be shy to ask:)
Brand new in box heart picture frame-$3
White and Black scraves for windows-$5 for both
17 1/2 light blue short sleeve shirt brand new in package-$2
Photo frames $2 each
hard to read but the silver one is cat lover- $2 SOLD
60x84 brand new oblong tablecloth-$3
all $3 dollars a peice
flamingo L
the rest are XL jackets
red/white and blue ribbon jacket-L
flag jacket L SOLD
Breast cancer jacket L
all $3 a piece


cow with milk jugs- XL

blue short sleeve jacket

Disney Pooh jacket XL

dog with hearts L

Flower jacket with flowers at bottom edge XL

small pink and blue flower XL

all $3 a piece

curious george-L
Zodiac signs-L
Pastel butterfies-L
Chrstmas Frogs-L
Halloween Boo-L
Breast cancer button down shirt-L SOLD
All $3 each


Bright Frogs-L

Light blue with fishes-L

Scooby blue with stars-L

Disney winnie the pooh-L

all $3 each

Dog with hats shirt and long sleeve jacket-L

Bright dogs and cat shirt with long sleeve jacket- L

10 dollars a set

3-6 month six piece GYMBOREE courderoy dress with matching bloomers, hat, onesie, socks and sweater
ADORABLE- all for $10

get the little one ready for christmas

3-6 month courdery red dress $3

3-6 month Christmas dress with shawl with silver snowflakes on it...$5 SOLD

scrubs-lamb button down shirt-XL $3

cows over moon button down shirt-L $3

bright flower jacket-XL -$3

black dog button down shirt- L- $3

6 month osh Kosh courderoy dress with onesie- $5
3-6 month black cherry velvet dress with onesie-$5
Both look brand new
0-3 month baby gap velvet jumper with mathcing bloomers-$5
0-3 month baby gap flower overalls $4
3-6 month navy courderoy dress with pink onesie-$ 5
6-9 months child of mine overalls with shirt $5
6-9 month children's place sweatshirt and sweatpants suit $ 5
Anyone can have this recliner feel free to donate a couple of bucks to our cause;) It is in our basement and needs a bath could be recovered and make a great recliner.
This are wheels 16 inch by 7.5 inch 5 lug pattern for a 1994 GM beretta may fit different types of cars???
all four for 50 bucks...they just need a spit shine:)
Diaper Genie only used a couple of times...we just didn't like using one-$5 SOLD
3-6 month pink courderoy jumper with onesie-looks brand new $3
3-6 month brown courderoy jumper with onesie-looks brand new $3

five small picture of crosses-$5 SOLD
Heavy grecian look wall mirror-$5
Blue and white picture frame-$5 -SOLD
BRAND NEW in box 3 DVD's listed below-Elmo's world-$ 10 SOLD

Party lite magnolia pillar candle holder-$2
sun and moon mirror set $5
sorry for this being sideways...brown and beige vase tall and skinny- $8 SOLD
Large blue egg with daises on it with stand $3
Blue ball on blue and white stand-$3
Crystal square shaped bowl with two small crystal votive candle holders
$2 large $1 for small ones
Beautiful red vase(I hate to part with it) $8
Zebra votive candle holder-$1 SOLD
Hand painted ceramic plate with holder-$ 2
Beautiful bust-$ 10

Large picture of a palm nice sage and cream colors-$10 -SOLD
Beautiful black frame picture of empire state building with 2 sconces all for $15
White finnel-$2

Home Interior picture $7
Brand new in box- Kurt Busch wall clock $3
beautiful picture of an angel holding a lamb- $7
Two matching silver/dark rod iron lamps with shades-$12 SOLD

Two black candle holders...$ 7 Party lite sconces $ 10

Party lite wall sconce $10