Friday, January 30, 2009

New cell number for Billie

Hey guys
Got a new phone/cell number 678-656-8734..please update your contacts so when I call you will not ignore my call and let it go to voicemail like I do when I do not recognize the number. I will get the phone on wednesday, so please note that I am without phone till wed if you need me call me at home 770-868-8891 or work 678-377-0900. I hope not to go into a coma without my phone for next few days...
Have a blessed day..

Thursday, January 29, 2009

War what it is good for??

You know how when you are watching TV and then there is a mindless commercial with a song attached and you have it stuck in your head forever. Well Robbie got this "war what is good for" song stuck in his head and sung it to Beckham and he cracked up . He loves to hear him sing the song to him. This is just a small snidbit of a video of Robbie singing it to him he will kill me to know that I put it on the blog and then at the end you see Rylie chime in. You can catch her singing it to Beckham as well at times. It is so cute.

We are all doing good. Both babies are healthy right now. Beckham is having issues with reflux, but I feel it is getting better. Rylie is growing like a weed, loving her bruder, and diving into terrible twos right now. She spent the entire day with me. I took her to her favorite breakfast spot waffle house and then shopping so she was in heaven. Beckham spent some time with Nannie and Paw's house. Daddy is putting in a new shower for us our old one needed to be replaced, so he is trying out his plumbing ability. He is doing a great job I might add. Our house is just covered with a white dust from sheet rock and will be for a while probably until he is finished....well gotta go feed Beckham !

Beckham LOVES his daddy!
Beckham gets so wided eyed for the flash it is funny
What is that bright light all about??

Our sweet baby girl

Rylie riding her big girl bike

Beckham flexing his muscles;)

Our sweet babies...

The boys hanging out together..
Beckham cruising!

Mommy's Favorite place in the world and favorite posistion holding my babies!!

Michelin baby booty..he is so going to kill me for this one..but I couldn't resist;)

Aunt DeeDee giving me a bath in the sink!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bad Blogger?

Sorry I haven't written anything in a while or posted pictures up. I had a small problem and went to a surgeon for a consult and next thing I knew I was having surgery the next day at 245. Wow those surgeons move fast eh..well to make a long story short. I had the surgery and man I have been out of the loop for a good solid week. We got out on saturday and went to Lowes and Home Depot. That was it for the week. I have missed all my work days, but thought I would try a couple hours on friday and it was hell. This has set me back physically and finacially, but I have prayed and prayed for a quick recovery because today is my first full day back....I am dreading it...but with God's help I will make it though I know...
I hope to be back on track and start blogging like I normally do real soon. God Bless and hope all is well in your homes...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some pictures to share

The men folk hard at play!

Miss Lilly and Beckham chilling out. Lilly is our friends Dayna and Brad's baby girl born 17 days after Beckham. Beckham looks like a toddler next to her. We are so excited for them. They are just in love with this precious girl...who wouldn't be. She is a sweetheart...Beckham kept pulling her ear and hitting her arm, but one time grabbed her hand...a romance in the making....HMmmmm...JK if they are anything like we are going to be with Rylie she can't date anyone but her daddy;)

Rylie checking out Lilly...

Rylie with aunt Dee Dee playing with Playdoh..She sat for 3 hours STRAIGHT with this set. Man it was sooo nice...Thanks Aunt DeeDe and "aunt" Ronnie and rock! Aunt Dee Dee come and play with us anytime we had a good visit today with you !! Thanks

Beckham's 2 month checkup

Beckham is so going to KILL me for this picture one day!!! I love you Beckham really I do!!
Looking too cute for the doctor this morning!

We went to doctor today for Beckham's two month checkup and she said he is doing great. She thinks that he has reflux and wants to increase the amount of cereal that we are giving him in his bottle. He seems to like that idea, we hope he doesn't get constipated with all the cereal but hey time will tell. He is weighing in at a whopping 13 & 10.5 oz (77%) and height 24inches( 72%) so all is good in those deparments. She said he is just "perfect ", but we are biased and knew that already;)
She said to give him tylenol this afternoon because this set of shots were painful. Man I tell you he barely slept today and ws super cranky for a little bit. We are praying for a good night tonight. He did AMAZING last pm he at at 7 and didn't wake up till 230 for his next bottle NOW if we can get that switched around to later in night and wake in the am..that would be awesome...
He is such a sweet baby. We just adore him as does Rylie. We don't have to go back until 4 months unless the extra rice doesn't help with formula...Praying it will fix our problem!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Poor Beckham...just a glimpse of what is to come with Big sissy Rylie...too cute ...huh!!
He just loves her...
Beckham in his bebe pod seat...finally getting those neck muscles strong enough for it...the best thing EVER invented!!!!
Yep.... can you believe it Beckham is already 2 months old...we go for his check up on wednesday...He is one chunky monkey!!
Rylie doing her best ballerina impression!!! Go BELLA!!
Our court appointed counselor Linda!

Praise God that our home study went well. She was a christian who had two bio kids and two adopted girls. She has been here and done it. She was very nice. She said she should have no problems getting our stuff done in time for our feb. 6th date at 9am. All is invited to it as well. It is with the same judge as before with Rylie in his chambers at Barrow County courthouse. It is so cool that is in the same judge. We are just so excited how fast things have moved with this adoption..Praise God...
Thanks for all the prayers and God Bless!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Our Christmas...the best ever!! let me start by apologizing for all the pictures...I had taken over 400 joke....I narrowed them down...don't have a heart attack...Robbie decided he was tired of hearing me complain about my old camera that he surprised me on christmas eve with a new canon camera, and it was on from there...It was also Beckham's firt christmas so there was lots of picture taking to say the least...if you have made it through the slide show of are still with me;)

I want to say that we are so blessed ...God has blessed us with our wonderful family and health. This was one of the best christmas's ever even dispite some mishaps. We stayed home all day christmas day and enjoyed santa's coming with the was a great quiet time for us....a few family members stopped by to see what santa brought Rylie and Beckham. Rylie this year started understanding that it was Jesus's birthday to the best of her ability and kinda understood the santa thing...the footprints in the living room were a trip because she kept saying " oh daddy will be mad santa made a mess" year will be the best with her comprehending the true meaning of christmas...

one thing this year was I wanted a wii for Robbie but it was so not in the budget, but I felt he deserved it because he is such a wonderful husband and father...I prayed and prayed about it and even with the small things God answered my prayer and I got a nice forgotten bonus from work...I prayed about using some of the the money for that and I couldn't find one and then I said ok God if you think it is ok for us to get this..then one will fall in my lap....Hence since i started the week of christmas looking for wii to be found...I was at walmart looking for one with my sissy and I told Debbie about me wanting one and at that time a stock girl came walking by with two and I stopped her...and asked if they were for sale and she said yes and I got it that day....yeah....the day after I got my bonus money......he has been wanting one, and so I got him Wii boxer shorts and told him that was the closest he was coming to a wii and man when he got the wii which was wrapped in a box in a box...etc...he was so surprised and it has been so much fun for our entire family..a great investment in my opionion...Robbie and I get the kids down and have some fun with the wii.....we are both competetive with it. I highly recommend the wii;)

A prayer of Robbie's was answered as well...Robbie had a secret desire to get a new truck because of needing more room for the car seats...since there is two now... but we were not wanting to have two car notes he prayed about it for the past few weeks since Beckham blessed us...He never told us because we couldn't afford one at this time.....well across the way Brett was praying to get out of his truck note... to a lesser one...well funny how God works...THANKFULLY and PRAYFULLY Brett is ok...but he was in a wreck and totalled his truck...(be careful what you pray for) well he wanted to buy Robbie's and let Robbie get the new truck since he was wanting a bigger Robbie was so excited and sold his truck to Brett...paid off my car and got a new 4 door truck for less that what my payments we have extra money coming is the buyers market and we cashed in on not only did Robbie get what he desired in more room...we have a little more cash flow coming in than before...PRAISE GOD....He is awesome and answers all those unspoken prayers as well!!!

Then the biggest blessing of all this holiday season is our lil Beckham...aka bonus baby...aka butterbean...he is awesome ...he is the biggest holiday present of all....we are so blessed to have him and Rylie in our lives it is unreal....we are so thankful and give all praise to God to have orchestrated all of this in our lives...only He could have blessed us with these precious babies in the way that he did....WE had prayed for this baby for a long time and knowing that we could not afford another agency adoption anytime soon...God listened to our prayers and fulfilled our desire for another baby through a private adoption...which are rare and hard to come by...he chose us to raise little Beckham...PRaise GOd that our BM chose life for him and now he has become one of our greatest joys and we could not imagine our lives withour him now...We are just so thankful to God all that he has done in our lives...

Praise God for new upcoming year for us.. ...we both feel that this year will be the best ever for us...we are relying and leaning on God to continue to carry us through...we don't know what 2009 has in store for us but we can only imagine and we are ready for it....

God bless you and your families and hope that this year 2009 is the best year ever for your families...

God Bless

Billie,Robbie, Rylie and Beckham

another prayer request

Hey guys...sorry to bombard you with prayer requests but we have a couple that has adopted in the past (the BM was incarerated at that time) and their birthmother is pregnant again has done some type of drugs (they believe). The baby is fine (God always seems protects those innocent ones)..anyway she wants them to adopt this baby...they have just found out about this baby and the baby is due JANUARY 9th according to ultrasound...she thought she was due in they are trying to get her medicaid started and raise 10,000 for their adoption...they have prayed about this situation and feel that they want to parent this sibling of their precious son...So I ask you to pray that IF it is God's will for them they raise the money that is needed, she gets insurance so there is no more money to fork out, and that the baby is healthy and all goes smoothly....I could not even imagine the feelings they are dealing with right now...
then the other requests is I have mentioned before was a friend of ours doing invitro and they got pregnant well I am heartbroken to say that they miscarried before pray for this coouple who despiratly want and desire a child that God provides in His time and in His way...pray for peace in their suffering...I can only imagine what they are goign through as well...infertility is a hard thing to go through trust us we know first hand but we realized that is was a blessing beyond anything we could have ever imagined for us...we have the most beautiful children and they are so loved and we could have not handpicked them out for us any better that God did...He had our best interest at heart and once you learn to trust him and rely on him he will bring you through it...and bless you so you can be a blessing to others...we know God has special plans for Rylie and Beckham and we can not wait to see what they grow up to do...we are just so blessed he chose us to be their mommy and daddy..
God bless you guys and thanks for praying for our friends!!