Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You don't even have to touch him to crack him up!

Beckham rolling over!

Our linesman in the making!

Today we took Beckham for his 4 month check up. He is actually right at 4.5 months but today was his appointment. He did so good. He had to get two shots that broke his heart all of about a nano second and then he stopped crying. My parents kept Rylie for me, so I didn't have to handle them both. When we took Beckham for his one month checkup my pediatrician said don't be surprise if at 6 months Beckham is the size Rylie is at 2 & 1/2 yrs old (25lbs). Well he is weighing in at a whopping 17 lb 7.5oz he is in the 83% and his height is 27 inches and he is in the 97% of height. He is really long and big. We realized today that he will outgrow the carrier within 2 inches or 4pounds so we will be purchasing a new carseat REAL soon. She also gave us the go ahead with solid foods today as well. Beckham has reflux so he has already been doing cereal in his formula. So she said pick something to try and go from there. So I stopped at Walmart and picked up some applesauce and he had some today for lunch and afternoon feeding. At first I think it was tart to him. He kept on making squinty eyes and shuttering, but then the light bulb went off and he started trying to grap spoon from me. He was too cute. The second time was a little better, so within time he will catch on. Here are some pictures from his new experiences today.

hmmm what is this stuff?
what's in the spoon? You feeding me that?

hmmm this stuff isn't all that bad!

wow that was really good!!!

I want one of these!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our sweet Beckham!

can you believe it Beckham is already four months...He will be 5 months on the first!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beckham's first snow!

These are some pictures from Beckham's first snow. He was bundled up and ready and then we went outside and the flakes hit him on his face and he was not so sure about this. Everytime a flake would hit him he would grunt like a bull. It was so funny. Then GiGi took him inside and put him in his Boppy seat and he sat at the door playing. Rylie on the other hand LOVED the snow of course. Her and her daddy had a blast. The snow was so crazy I said it would not snow and then we went to church came home and tada...God blessed us with some snow the best kind it comes quickly and leaves quickly huh...We were so thrilled to have it even if it was for only a little while!!

Rylie and Hobab
Popa and Beck

I just love this picture of Daddy cuddling with Beckham

Our world!!!

Another prayer needed

My boss Dr. Riaz Syed 6 month old son is in the hospital and very sick. He had emergency surgery last friday for peritonitis. He is still in hospital with NG tube, PICC line and fever. I ask you guys to pray for healing for this little boy. He is very sick.
Also update on the below prayer request is that Nate is at home with his family...PRAISE GOD. He still has some healing to do and it will take time. But just having him home I am sure eases a parents heart!
Also prayer for my dad and his job. I don't want to elaborate anymore at this time but He needs prayers and guidance on his job situation.
Thanks and Blessings to all!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Please pray for this little guy!!

Please pray for this family...This is Kelly's son a good friend of mine and I can only imagine what they are going through...

Afternoon, everyone.I just got home after a LONG night at Gwinnett ER & Scottish Rite. Allan is still there with our oldest, Nate. Please pray for Nate. Yesterday, Nate was experiencing severe pain in his legs & feet. We had them xrayed to check for fractures and but they turned out that there was no fracture. But, by evening, the symptoms had progressed to swelling & brusing of his legs and also bleeds underneath his skin. It was very, very painful for Nate. They have diagnosed him with Henoch-Schonlein Purpura. It's not contagious and it will resolve on it's own, but he will be at Scottish Rite at least until Sunday to be sure there is no blood in bowel movements or his urine and for the swelling to go down in his legs and for him to be able to walk on his own again. So, please pray that the swelling will go away and for his pain level to go way down. He's been in A LOT of pain. Thank you for your prayers & for the ones who have called to check on us! We greatly appreciate your concern!Love,Kelly & Allan Rainey

Monday, March 2, 2009


Bath time fun
"cindy lou who"

sweet baby

our little man

Thanks DeeDee for my treat!

"Cruising" around the kitchen
Helping daddy save the world on his video game. He can sit here watching daddy's controller for long periods of time. It is so funny. He loves the lights in the controller.

I couldn't resist this picture I went to check on him one morning and he was posistioned like this..bootie up in air with feet crossed too cute!!

This is a picture of Beckham trying to roll over ..he waited until mommy put the camera down and one week later to show us his new trick.

Three months old ..hey he now is 4 months I am just one month behind in posting pictures..not so bad ..huh!