Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some more summer fun!

" hey get me out of here"

"Bear Gryles eating Zebra"
sprinkler fun

Rylie was a little scared of the sprinkler at first and then she caught on and went at it. Beckham was styling in his camo hat and pink pool...while pretending to be Bear Gryles and eat a zebra;)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's day!

The longest blog ever!A little shout out to the men in my life for fathers day!!
I am a little late posting this blog...but wanted to tell Robbie none the less how much I love you. Last night I saw a picture of Richard, Debbie and I at my highschool graduation. Man time flies by so quickly. We are so happy in the picture. My siblings so proud of me and I knew it...little did I know that very night would be the night that I would meet and fall in love with my future husband James Robert Beddingfield. I was at a graduation party and he came with Bryant Cain (his cousin) whom Jami was dating at the time. I was feeling no pain that night as you can imagine and when he walked in I turned to Jami and said "man he is fine...I am going to marry him...and make him mine"...she laughed and said "shut up and don't embarass me...it is Bryant's cousin"...Robbie was so quiet that night and rarely said much more than "hi" to me..when he was leaving which was a shame..he walked out and lifted my hat up on my head to say first.."Are you ok?" and then said "it was so nice meeting you..congrats and I will see you around"....little did I know that night was the first night that would lead to the beginning of a lifetime of love for me....

Robbie and I since that time have been though some rough times..but amazingly enough God ALWAYS was there even before I knew HE was there. I can look back now and look at how many times I tried to control things but he always led me back to Robbie and on September 2, 2000 I became Mrs. James Robert Beddingfield. Something that I do not take lightly. He is my soulmate...my lover...my friend. Without him I wouldn't be half the person I am today. He cheered me on and supported me when I was in school and pressed me on when I wanted to give up. He would quiz me for my tests. He worked nightshift and would stay up for 36 hours at a time every weekend just to spend the day with me. His love for me has been selfless. He puts me first before anything else.

When I thought I couldn't possibly love him more...he became a daddy. That is something that as a couple he worked so hard to become. He had to indure many procedures and medications and heartache to realize that us getting pregnant naturally would be very hard for us without some type of procedure. We prayed...and prayed..and prayed...and during all of this trial and rain...I found a heavenly father that had been there all along...waiting on me ...patiently...I found..HIM ...was it part of the plan?..who knows...but I am so thankful to have found HIM..

After all the praying...thankfully for us...God led us to adoption. An amazing GOD given way to become parents. It was never plan B ...IT was the plan. Robbie has shown such strength and love during all this time. He was so faithful to God and it brought us closer to God than we have EVER been. You must rely on Him always especially when you can't see the rainbow because of the rain.
Robbie amazes me everyday in the way he gets up without a grumble at 430 in the morning and goes to work..comes home even cooks dinner most nights...and still makes time for play time at the end of the day and even some mommy play time after the kiddies are in bed. He is a testament of what a father should be like and I thank God every day to be blessed to have him in my life to share our life experiences with...Baby I look forward to many years with you..even when we are old and grey and you have to remind me to put panties on...;)

Now with all that said about Robbie...he would not be the man he is without Brett Abee in his life...Brett is his step father and we are blessed to have him in our lives to be such a wonderful rolemodel. I have heard the stories from different views and it always boils down to this. When Ellen and Brett met Brett loved Ellen so much. He knew that Robbie was her world and he soon learned that Robbie was easy to love too. They had an imediate connection. Most of Robbie's childhood memories revolve around Brett and his mom. Not too many men would step up tothe plate and help raise a child as his own...but Brett Abee did. He has always treated Robbie and his son. We are so blessed to have Brett in our lives. I personally go to Brett for advice on many things. He is a Godly man and a man of few words just like Robbie, but when he does speak you better listen up...He is such a gentleman and treats Ellen with the up most respect and he is affirming his relationship with our little girl Rylie as well. He is already preparing speeches for Rylie to tell her not to expect anything less of a man than being a complete gentleman....Rylie was named after Brett...Rylie Brett Beddingfield and many may not know the exact reason for this but is it as simple as this....You do not have to be biological to be a parent and Brett showed that more than anyone can...He was not biologicallly Robbie's father, but he was his father...if that makes since and Rylie is not biologically ours, but she is ours and we are her parents....how fitting to name her after one of the greatest example of unconditional love than Brett Abee.

Then there is my daddy...Billy Joe Nix...He is the sweetest man I know...he is all tough and rough on the outside, but just a bowl of jello on the inside...he is a teddy bear. He was the first man in my life...the first man to love me and showed me how to love. He kissed my booboo's when I got hurt, and then beat my butt when I was bad...there was times I thought he was the strictest man on the planet..but now with my two I hear myself saying some of the same phrases as he did. I see why he did the things he did. I remember when I was younger he was driving a truck and he would be far away..I would have some type of special function at school and he would say..." I might not make it there in time I am far away but I will try my best"....There was one time with Beta club I had a special event and he was in TN that day and somehow at the event I looked up and there he was in the back row...He made it..somehow someway...he drove all that way (probably killed himself) to get there...that was the type of Daddy he was...He was ALWAYS there when I needed him..even now...he is there. Now I get to see him with my babies that idolize him...especially my little Beck. He is the son he didn't have. When Daddy had his heart attack and bypass I think I saw for the first time that my Daddy is human and the fragility of life.

I don't deserve such wonderful men in my life but BLESSED that I do have them there. I also was blessed with a wonderful brother and brother in law. I don't see either of them as much as I should, but know that all I have to do is pick up the phone and they would be here in a hurry!!. ..I am thankful that they get to be apart of my babies lives. Rylie can see what kind of man to look for as a mate, and then Beckham has examples of what a man should be.

My children, listen to me.Listen to your father's instruction.Pay attention and grow wise,for I am giving you good guidance.Don't turn away from my teaching.For I too was once my father's son,tenderly loved by my mother...My father told me,"Take my words to heart.Follow my instructions and you will live."(Proverbs 4:1-4)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer time fun 2009

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These are some pictures from the past few weeks. We are having a fun summer with the kiddies. They are just growing up way to fast for me. We took Rylie to her first ball game and I will post pics on her blog when I get a chance. We went to Nancy's surpise 70th birthday party at the Abee's. It was fun even though we got the time wrong and was super duper late. Beck and Rylie got to go spend some time with Aunt DeeDee and "Ankle" Onnie's house that saturday as well. Rylie told DeeDee when I picked her up that she was going to a party "but will be right back to stay forever". THEN when I was downloading this pictures to the computer she said "oh that is my other house at aunt DeeDee's"...so needless to say I assume that they had a good time there..eh!! I got some bath time pics in here as well. Beck LOVES his bath time...when you give him a bath EVERYONE gets a bath. He splashes like noone I have ever seen before. He loves it!!! It kills my OCD hubby because he makes such a mess. I don't care he is having him the best time ever!!There is also one rare picture of Beckham crying. I kid you not he is such a happy baby, the funny thing is with him though is when he does cry they are the biggest fattest wettest tears I have ever seen. He can cry two tears and his face be soaking wet...it is crazy...the tears he can produce. Hope everyone has a good weekend and remember those Daddy's!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Faux mohawk

Seven Months Old!!! wow...

one happy boy!!

The next "So you think you can dance" contestant

Beck has a spiderman toy and everytime you press the button this is what he does....too freaking funny. He starts dancing and each time he gets more and more animated with it...Give it a few more months and he may be doing the "running man"..what cha think!!