Sunday, October 4, 2009

Save the date!

We are going to have Beckham's birthday party on November 7th at 5:30. We are doing food, cake and ice cream. Hopefully you can come even if it is to just drop by and hang out for a few mins with us in "Beck's World"...get it "Elmo's world"...we are doing Elmo theme for Beck this year! He just loves that furry red little guy!! We can not believe he is going to be one already!! Time goes by so quickly!!!

Man on a mission!

My daddy (Paw) worked and worked with Beckham trying to get him to walk. A week or two ago he walked about seven steps to me at their house and never did it again. Well then one night I was on a conference call and Robbie was watching TV and he walked right across the living room and Rylie started jumping up and down like crazy "he walked, he walked". It was so sweet. I never could get him on camera doing it until this week I got him with my camera phone so turn the volume down when you watch this. I was one excited mommy! Then at the end you can see/hear him do HIS version of "go dawgs"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Boom Boom Pow

we were watching "so you think you can dance" and the black eyed pea song came on and Beck just started going crazy in the floor dancing and I grabbed camera and got a little bit of it...nothing that gave it any justice!! He cracks me up !!! He is doing his style of dancing or practicing to ride a bronco in the rodeo!! which ever as long as it brings home some bacon for him when he gets older;)

(dont mind Hobab's butt in the camera)

a day in the life

Beck and Rylie absolutely love the tent that the Kiley's got Rylie for her bday. They play in it almost every night before going to bed. Beck loves to get in there to "hide". I truly feel that he is trying to hide in there from Rylie. It is so funny. He just cracks up when she comes and says "BOO" to him. They play so sweet together. Tonight Beck just crawled up on top of Rylie while she was laying in the floor and just put his head on her chest and laid there. I told Rylie enjoy it now, because before long he will be too big to do that. I couldn't get my camera to get a pic of it but it would have been a sweet one:)

10 months old already!!!

Proof that Beck does cry and have bad days!!! Especially when the orange ball rolls away from you while playing with it....

sweet feet!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lions, Tigers, Bears OH MY!!!

We have been off all week and doing lots of work around the house that we have neglected. We have had one busy week, however on friday our family went to the zoo (courtesy of a patient of mine). We got there without any incidencies. We all had a blast. When asked what was Rylie's favorite animals she said "peandos" AKA panda and the "Kangadoo" AKA Kangaroo. It was so halarious to hear her say pandas. They were beautiful. If I had to guess at what animal was Beck's favorite it too would be the Pandas. He sat there and just watched them and laughed at them. He also enjoyed laughing and gunting at the orangatangs which were putting on a show for us! Then he laughed and danced when the otters were playing in their water. It was a cool day not hot and all the animals were happy it seemed. I remember we went one year when we first married and it was so hot than none of the animals came out to play. We came home and went to eat at Rylie's favorite place "OK" oriental kitchen "shinese". Needless to say the perfect end to a perfect day with the family!
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Motherhood as a Career by Barbara Rainey
Titus 2:4,5That they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be dishonored.
Our society often sends the wrong signals to mothers. It tells moms they are dispensable. It tells us that all mothers need to do is provide maid service, shuttle service and offer purchasing advice; that real mothering can be done by trained caretakers.
I believe Christian mothers need to think critically about these cultural messages and challenge them. More moms need to make a career of busying themselves at home, and investing in their husbands and the next generation.
I realize there are many reasons for mothers to have full-time or part-time jobs. But I also know some couples need to look critically at whether this is for survival, for personal fulfillment or simply to maintain a higher standard of living. If a couple feels it's necessary for Mom to work outside the home, some crucial questions should be addressed.
A Christian mother should ask whether her husband is in total agreement with this decision. The two-career marriage may solve financial difficulties, but it creates others because many needs of the family will not receive full attention.
Another good question is: If extra income is essential, can it be earned on a flexible time frame, or by working at home? A woman in my church was able to develop a part-time photography business out of her home. She was always sure that whenever she had appointments she could leave her little boy with her husband or a friend.
A career speaks of total commitment and full-time focus. No commitment or focus is more worthy of being a career than mothering the children you bring into the world.
That God will guide you to make decisions about career and family that reflect the priority that rearing children should have in a Christian home.
Discuss: What are some prices children sometimes pay for both parents working outside the home?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beck and Hobab having some fun!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

we can buy all the toys in the world but sometimes it can be a simple box that brings the best laughs!

Our sweet Beckham 9 month check up!

(it is getting harder and harder to get him still for a picture)

Beck had to go for his 9 month checkup today and followup on bilateral ear infectiosn from last week. He still had fluid bilaterally in his ears but she said they seem to be healing.I question that because he has not been himself lately. He just crawls around whinning sometimes for no it is his ears or teeth and he already popped one through 2 weeks ago with no others I don't know I guess we wait it out. He is on omnicef still so time will tell. He got two shots today. He goes back in one month for second flu shot. Dr. Molock was actually the doctor on call when he was born so she adores him and been with him from the very very beginning. She calls him her "moose baby". He is doing good right on target. He actually lost 4 ounces in one week due to him not eating but that is ok...he weighs 23lbs and 10 oz (47%) length 30 inches (89%) and HC 18 inches (56%). He is such a sweet baby, but lately he has been testing the waters with mommy and daddy. He does something and looks at us for a reaction. It is so funny how they learn early on...and it helps to have a 3 year old "sisa" to watch and follow her ways. He lOVES his "sisa". The doctor was like is he talking any and we were like yeah....and listed the words he can say and then he will sit and talk to Rylie like he is having a full on converstation with her. She has no idea what he is saying. Rylie went with us to doctor which she doesn't like people messing with Beck so I wondered how the shots were going to go it went great. She was so sweet and EVEN gave Beck her new doll to hold while he got his shots. Such a sweet gesture!

Monday, August 17, 2009

one smart doggie...

check this out!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

forward, backward, or still unfolding?

Forward, Backward or Still Unfolding?
Phillipians 3:8

More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish in order that I may gain Christ.

In one of Charles Shultz's "Peanuts" cartoons, Charlie Brown was sitting in a deck chair near the front of a large boat when Lucy walked up. "Some people go through life with their deck chair facing forward, gazing out where they are going," Lucy said philosophically. "Others go through life with their deck chair facing backwards, looking at where they've been." Then, looking directly into Charlie Brown's sunglasses, she asked him, "Charlie Brown, which way is your deck chair facing?"
Charlie Brown shrugged his shoulders, "I really don't know-I've never been able to get my deck chair unfolded!"

In these days when family issues have become not only a major issue for private citizens but also in political campaigns, Christians need to get their deck chairs unfolded. Unfortunately, many people have not taken a thoughtful look at what they believe in as family values and, even more important, the basis for those beliefs.

But with our culture in crisis over the issue, this is not a time to be struggling with our deck chairs. We need to be speaking up in the political arena and the marketplace about what matters.

A few years ago, when our whole family was in the car, I asked the kids what they thought our family values were. The words started popping furiously like premium popcorn. Here's what they said:

God, limited TV, responsibilities, chores, friendship, kindness, respectful speaking, education, church, encouragement, servanthood, obedience, discipline, sharing, giving, boundaries, keeping your word, home life, prayer, perseverance, doing what you're supposed to do, love, dignity of kids, food and shelter, spending time with each other, resolving conflicts, forgiveness, physical affection, our siblings, laughter, having fun together, memorizing verses, wholesome speaking, reading, wise council.

Barbara and I were pleasantly surprised by what our kids had to say. Perhaps we were getting through to these kids after all!


Ask God to help you clarify your values as a person and as a family. Ask Him for His favor in building those values into one another's lives.
Discuss: If you have kids, ask them the same question: What do you think our family's values are?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My mom gave me the newspaper tonight to read and in it was an article on a 33 year old that decapitated and ate parts of her 3 and 1/2 week old son. Yes that is what you just read...decapitated him and ate parts of his body because the devil told her to do it.
Then the other side of the paper was a 13 year old found after running away from home because her parents were trying to force her into getting an abortion. SHe was pregnant by a 17 year old boy....what is going on in the world...
This babies are innocent and didn't ask for any of this. It just breaks my heart to hear stories like this. I am overwhelmed with tears as I write this.
I fall short daily to be the parent that GOd intends for me to be I am sure of that, However I pray everyday for God to help me be the parents he needs me to be for my children. I have been intrusted to take care of them and raise them for him to do his will. He has special plans for my babies and I want to do right by them. People take their children for granted all the time and put material things first and capital gains first. They plop them down in front of a TV to the "plug and drug" and go about their busy lives and let others do for them. It just kills me to hear stories such as the two above.
I recently ran into a church member at work that I didn't even know was a drug rep and long story short he was adopted and shared his story with me. And it is just amazing how God has all of our best interest in heart and he LOVES us where we are and wants to meet us there. If we would just allow HIM into our lives and infiltrate it we would be more equiped to show love to others and maybe the world would start getting better a little bit at a time.....we are in a sink hold when it come to morality in the world..and I just pray that we WAKE up and see what is going on and take hold and start changing things.......

Monday, July 27, 2009

"Nature is God's Braille for a blind humanity." Nature is God's way to help us see Him even though we don't have the eyes to really behold His glory.
Take time to enjoy the view!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend fun!

Nannie and her cake I made!!

My sweet Beckham!
My girls
Rylie blinging in Christa's glasses!!

We went to Kenzie's 4th birthday at monkey joe's this weekend. It was a lot of fun. It is hard to believe that Kenzie is already four! Then that afternoon we had family over for my mom's 65th birthday party! It was a lot of fun!. It is nice to have family over and get together. We don't do it nearly as much as we should!! It was a fast weekend. It was all such a blur....looking forward to the next weekend to try to relax some!! HA with two kids...right!!!!
look at those LEGS>>> I could just eat them up!!
Fishing with Poppa!

WOW already 8 months old..he will be 9 months on the 1st...Mom's a lil behind;)

Making slurpits with his lips..his Paw taught him this...

He thinks he is as big as she is..this was the day he forgot he could'nt walk. Rylie got up to run and show me a picture and he turned took two steps and fell flat on his face and heat his bottom two teeth through his top one...he was pitiful....

monkey see monkey do!!
"ahhh man what a great sissy I got"
Being silly
giving some loving
loving on the run

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The importance of Family meals!!

The Importance of Family Meals
Rebecca Hagelin

How often does your family have dinner together?

That simple question often evokes an answer of, "Ummmmmm......"

What used to be the most basic of activities has become increasingly difficult to schedule in today's busy world. But bringing back the time-honored practice of "breaking bread" with your own family could be the single greatest step you take toward saving your family from all kinds of ills.

For more than a decade, the National Center of Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University has been studying the tremendous impact that family meals have on children. Their research repeatedly shows how children suffer when they don't spend regular, casual time with their parents gathered around the dinner table. Consider this summary of their findings:

"Compared with teens who frequently had dinner with their families (five nights or more per week) those who had dinner with their families only two nights per week or less were twice as likely to be involved in substance abuse. They were 2.5 times as likely to drink alcohol, and nearly three times as likely to try marijuana."

Dining together makes a huge difference in general family relationships too. Children from families who don't have frequent meals together are more than twice as likely to say that the family has strained or tense relationships. And, sadly, they often don't feel as if their parents are very interested in their lives.

There's no reason to wonder if lonely meals lead to strained relationships or vice versa - find out by making togetherness a priority. " Just do it." It might be a worn-out phrase, but as the parent, you need to determine in your heart to make family dinners happen.

And, although they won't tell you, your teens want you to make it a priority. Really.

The pop culture constantly tells parents the pernicious lie that teenagers don't want them around. But teenagers say something very different. CASA's research, for instance, reveals: "When asked whether they prefer to have dinner with their families or to eat alone, 84 percent of teens surveyed say they prefer to have dinner with their families, compared to 13 percent who say they prefer to eat dinner alone (three percent responded 'don't know' or gave no response)."

Yet, statistics show that as teens grow older they are less likely to eat with their parents. My guess is that it's because mom and dad often feel too overwhelmed to take the initiative to bring them around the table, or have bought the lie that older children don't need family time.

The truth is that both parents and children experience more joy and satisfaction in life in general when we are part of a strong family unit. One study conducted by The Associated Press and (believe it or not) MTV, found that spending time with family is the number one activity that young adult children between 13 and 24 said makes them happy.

So what are you waiting for?

As a mother of three, I know how difficult it can be to manage schedules -- especially of three young adults all running in different directions and wanting to spend time with their friends in the summer months. But several years ago when my children first hit their teen years and I discovered the fierce competition for their time, I forged ahead, designating nights each week when we would absolutely eat together. And I found that adding one simple sentence to the mandate opened up a whole new world of fun: "Your friends are welcome to join us." This firm but inclusive directive made for many now-treasured evenings when we bond with our children and their friends. The time, laughs and discussions have a powerful impact on all of us.

It makes sense when you think about it. When your children know that your being with them is a priority for you, they feel valued and loved. They also begin to understand that the sacred bonds of family will sustain them through any challenge life throws at them.

If you're feeling at a loss on how to get and keep those kids gathered around your table, CASA offers great ideas on how to make meals interactive and enjoyable. Their fantastic website was designed with your family in mind. As CASA says, "Dinner Makes a Difference."

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some more summer fun!

" hey get me out of here"

"Bear Gryles eating Zebra"
sprinkler fun

Rylie was a little scared of the sprinkler at first and then she caught on and went at it. Beckham was styling in his camo hat and pink pool...while pretending to be Bear Gryles and eat a zebra;)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's day!

The longest blog ever!A little shout out to the men in my life for fathers day!!
I am a little late posting this blog...but wanted to tell Robbie none the less how much I love you. Last night I saw a picture of Richard, Debbie and I at my highschool graduation. Man time flies by so quickly. We are so happy in the picture. My siblings so proud of me and I knew it...little did I know that very night would be the night that I would meet and fall in love with my future husband James Robert Beddingfield. I was at a graduation party and he came with Bryant Cain (his cousin) whom Jami was dating at the time. I was feeling no pain that night as you can imagine and when he walked in I turned to Jami and said "man he is fine...I am going to marry him...and make him mine"...she laughed and said "shut up and don't embarass is Bryant's cousin"...Robbie was so quiet that night and rarely said much more than "hi" to me..when he was leaving which was a shame..he walked out and lifted my hat up on my head to say first.."Are you ok?" and then said "it was so nice meeting you..congrats and I will see you around"....little did I know that night was the first night that would lead to the beginning of a lifetime of love for me....

Robbie and I since that time have been though some rough times..but amazingly enough God ALWAYS was there even before I knew HE was there. I can look back now and look at how many times I tried to control things but he always led me back to Robbie and on September 2, 2000 I became Mrs. James Robert Beddingfield. Something that I do not take lightly. He is my friend. Without him I wouldn't be half the person I am today. He cheered me on and supported me when I was in school and pressed me on when I wanted to give up. He would quiz me for my tests. He worked nightshift and would stay up for 36 hours at a time every weekend just to spend the day with me. His love for me has been selfless. He puts me first before anything else.

When I thought I couldn't possibly love him more...he became a daddy. That is something that as a couple he worked so hard to become. He had to indure many procedures and medications and heartache to realize that us getting pregnant naturally would be very hard for us without some type of procedure. We prayed...and prayed..and prayed...and during all of this trial and rain...I found a heavenly father that had been there all along...waiting on me ...patiently...I found..HIM ...was it part of the plan?..who knows...but I am so thankful to have found HIM..

After all the praying...thankfully for us...God led us to adoption. An amazing GOD given way to become parents. It was never plan B ...IT was the plan. Robbie has shown such strength and love during all this time. He was so faithful to God and it brought us closer to God than we have EVER been. You must rely on Him always especially when you can't see the rainbow because of the rain.
Robbie amazes me everyday in the way he gets up without a grumble at 430 in the morning and goes to work..comes home even cooks dinner most nights...and still makes time for play time at the end of the day and even some mommy play time after the kiddies are in bed. He is a testament of what a father should be like and I thank God every day to be blessed to have him in my life to share our life experiences with...Baby I look forward to many years with you..even when we are old and grey and you have to remind me to put panties on...;)

Now with all that said about Robbie...he would not be the man he is without Brett Abee in his life...Brett is his step father and we are blessed to have him in our lives to be such a wonderful rolemodel. I have heard the stories from different views and it always boils down to this. When Ellen and Brett met Brett loved Ellen so much. He knew that Robbie was her world and he soon learned that Robbie was easy to love too. They had an imediate connection. Most of Robbie's childhood memories revolve around Brett and his mom. Not too many men would step up tothe plate and help raise a child as his own...but Brett Abee did. He has always treated Robbie and his son. We are so blessed to have Brett in our lives. I personally go to Brett for advice on many things. He is a Godly man and a man of few words just like Robbie, but when he does speak you better listen up...He is such a gentleman and treats Ellen with the up most respect and he is affirming his relationship with our little girl Rylie as well. He is already preparing speeches for Rylie to tell her not to expect anything less of a man than being a complete gentleman....Rylie was named after Brett...Rylie Brett Beddingfield and many may not know the exact reason for this but is it as simple as this....You do not have to be biological to be a parent and Brett showed that more than anyone can...He was not biologicallly Robbie's father, but he was his father...if that makes since and Rylie is not biologically ours, but she is ours and we are her fitting to name her after one of the greatest example of unconditional love than Brett Abee.

Then there is my daddy...Billy Joe Nix...He is the sweetest man I know...he is all tough and rough on the outside, but just a bowl of jello on the inside...he is a teddy bear. He was the first man in my life...the first man to love me and showed me how to love. He kissed my booboo's when I got hurt, and then beat my butt when I was bad...there was times I thought he was the strictest man on the planet..but now with my two I hear myself saying some of the same phrases as he did. I see why he did the things he did. I remember when I was younger he was driving a truck and he would be far away..I would have some type of special function at school and he would say..." I might not make it there in time I am far away but I will try my best"....There was one time with Beta club I had a special event and he was in TN that day and somehow at the event I looked up and there he was in the back row...He made it..somehow someway...he drove all that way (probably killed himself) to get there...that was the type of Daddy he was...He was ALWAYS there when I needed him..even now...he is there. Now I get to see him with my babies that idolize him...especially my little Beck. He is the son he didn't have. When Daddy had his heart attack and bypass I think I saw for the first time that my Daddy is human and the fragility of life.

I don't deserve such wonderful men in my life but BLESSED that I do have them there. I also was blessed with a wonderful brother and brother in law. I don't see either of them as much as I should, but know that all I have to do is pick up the phone and they would be here in a hurry!!. ..I am thankful that they get to be apart of my babies lives. Rylie can see what kind of man to look for as a mate, and then Beckham has examples of what a man should be.

My children, listen to me.Listen to your father's instruction.Pay attention and grow wise,for I am giving you good guidance.Don't turn away from my teaching.For I too was once my father's son,tenderly loved by my mother...My father told me,"Take my words to heart.Follow my instructions and you will live."(Proverbs 4:1-4)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer time fun 2009

Click play and then sift through the pictures!!
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These are some pictures from the past few weeks. We are having a fun summer with the kiddies. They are just growing up way to fast for me. We took Rylie to her first ball game and I will post pics on her blog when I get a chance. We went to Nancy's surpise 70th birthday party at the Abee's. It was fun even though we got the time wrong and was super duper late. Beck and Rylie got to go spend some time with Aunt DeeDee and "Ankle" Onnie's house that saturday as well. Rylie told DeeDee when I picked her up that she was going to a party "but will be right back to stay forever". THEN when I was downloading this pictures to the computer she said "oh that is my other house at aunt DeeDee's" needless to say I assume that they had a good time!! I got some bath time pics in here as well. Beck LOVES his bath time...when you give him a bath EVERYONE gets a bath. He splashes like noone I have ever seen before. He loves it!!! It kills my OCD hubby because he makes such a mess. I don't care he is having him the best time ever!!There is also one rare picture of Beckham crying. I kid you not he is such a happy baby, the funny thing is with him though is when he does cry they are the biggest fattest wettest tears I have ever seen. He can cry two tears and his face be soaking is crazy...the tears he can produce. Hope everyone has a good weekend and remember those Daddy's!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Faux mohawk

Seven Months Old!!! wow...

one happy boy!!

The next "So you think you can dance" contestant

Beck has a spiderman toy and everytime you press the button this is what he does....too freaking funny. He starts dancing and each time he gets more and more animated with it...Give it a few more months and he may be doing the "running man"..what cha think!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beach vacation 2009

We had a great time at the beach.Everyday rain was forcasted but God provided beautiful sunny weather the entire time for us. It was not muggy hot or anything perfect weather. The last day we were leaving it was so muggy so I told Robbie God provided that for the last day bc he know it would be easier leaving it all behind in the muggy humidity...but we so didn't want to leave. Vacation is the quickest time of the year it seems to just fly by. Here are a few million pictures from the beach scroll over the picture to see places and names..etc.
Rylie was a little skidish of the ocean this year and never really warmed up to the ocean, but loved the "laby Riber" aka Lazy River. She loved building sand castle and running to get water...Beckham just watched everything and he was the biggest trooper. GiGi took an extra pack and play and we put him in there for naps..he would sleep for 4 hour increments in the shade.. He did so good.I said we took him to the beach to catch up on some sleep for him.
Rylie had some sunglasses on of GiGi's and a man walked by and was trying to set her up with his son "Will" it was so funny. Will was not interested daddy was like "hey man look at her she is a doll" Will could care less..Rylie was looking at that man like he was crazy.
Christa and I got Henna tatoos to show my dad Billy Joe that they are real and he doesn't know the I thought he was going to have a heart atttack when we showed him the tatoos. He was so mad to say the least.. I just told him yesterday they were fake and he was like "I know that"..whatever it was worth the money spent to see his face...
We all had a great time, ate too much of course and too short as always...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beckham's dedication, Christa's 13th and misc pictures!

Here are some pictures from Beckham's dedication, Mother's day, Christa's 13th brithday party (can you believe that) and some misc pictures that I wanted to share!! Finally had time to post them. Both babies are napping we wore them out from the beach...Beach pictures are coming soon..maybe I can get them up before Rylie turns 3!!!hehehe!
Scroll over the pictures for the caption of the people and what we are doing!
Be Blessed!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun at Broadway on the beach !!!

We had an amazing night last year. We went to Broadway on the boardwalk and walked around and spent too much money on silly things, but Rylie had a blast. We told her if she did good last night that we would let her build a doll at build a bear. It was so freaking cute...(pictures to come of course) She picked her out a blue haired doll and put a cheerleading outfit on her and then named her "Myrtle Joe" too cute..huh!!! Beckham was the weetest kid on the planet he rode around in the stroller and was just chilling. He took his nap and was ready for some more people watching. We ate at Tony Romo's and then rode the merry go round to top of the night....we got to sleep in really late this morning and ate breakfast and we are about to head to the beach in a few minutes. Our last full day at the beach and then back home tomorrow. I think I will cry. We have had PERFECT weather they had forcasted rain every day and none so fasr..PRAISE GOD!!! We will be going to crabby mike's tonight for all you can eat we will be miserable tonight I am sure of that....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beckham, Beach & BOO BOO'S

So I am sitting here at condo on the balcony laptop in lap, sipping some good ol' caffiene while watching the waves crash on the shore as Zac Brown would say "Life is good today!!"

It is so peaceful right now EVERYONE is asleep. I am trying to catch up on blog I will post pics of dedication as soon as I get time. I am so behind on blogging, so maybe I can catch up.

We had a very nice ride down considering we rode this far with a 2& 1/2 yo, 6 month old and a 13 year old. Yep, we have Christa aka "Cricka" with us. She was the official DVD changer. Beckham took several naps, Rylie just tried to hang with Cricka 'cause she is so cool;) Our drive went so much better than ever anticipated with small children. We are so proud we pray the ride back goes as well.

We got checked in and low and behold would you know that we go the exact same condo as we did last year(1216). The view is awesome(pics to follow of course). We unpacked and then was hanging in the living room trying to figure out where we were going to eat (Ellen's birthday was 25th, My sissy's is today 26th). Cricka had Beckham standing in between her legs and she let go by accident, and he fell in the floor. He hit face first and his two little razor sharp teeth cut his top lip. I thought it was NEVER going to stop bleeding. He was so upset. We had just got him dressed and he was bleeding all on the bib and was swallowing it and gagging. He was pitiful. I let him suck of ice cube for swelling, calmed him down after awhile, and then finally off to dinner. (For all the ER friends)He then started spitting up dark brown blood from it being in his belly and I said "Man if Claude Morgan saw this we would be doing NG tube;)"

He was such a trooper though...but hey ok now we can move on with vacation now that we have one little booboo out of the way...we always go back with atleast one!!

We went to get breakfast foods last pm and now just waiting on family to start stirring so we can start breakfast and head to the beach. It is not raining at this time, I pray that it stays that way for us all week long....

I never get super quiet time alone anymore, but it is in quiet times like these that you really have time to reflect on all the blessings a person has in their lives. I always give God praise for my babies and how He made me a mother. I am so thankful of how he loved us enough to entrust us with these two babies. But something I do not thank him enough for is for my husband. I am so blessed that I have Robbie in my life, he is such a God loving man, a great provider, and more important a lover/friend. He never complains about going to work or his job. He is thankful he has one in our times. He seeks God and he puts him first in his life. He loves his wife with such tenderness and loyalty. He provides and gives the children a strong father figure that they need, but loving/caring to them also. I am so blessed to have him and for those of you that have been there since the beginning of Robbie and I, you can appreciate all that we went through to get to where we are now. You may not know this about me, but I have a very strong will;) and it is not easy living with me, but Robbie manages some how;0

Hey, and also with Robbie came a great deal for some great in laws. They are not inlaws to me they are my second set of parents. They love me just as if I was a daughter, probably more than that;) Their help spans back to as far as college days when I didn't have a computer they gave me a key to their house and said "come use ours" instead of hanging out at library...till today when I need a break or run an errand they eggerly jump at the chance to keep the babies for me...they ROCK, what more can I say and those of you who know them will agree...I am blessed by them!!!

I am thankful for all of our health, our family, and CMC & family. All the things that money can't buy!! Everytime you turn on the news there is something bad happening that is why I do not watch the news anymore. Robbie keeps me updated on things I would need to know. I hate the news they say nothing but negative things. we are in such a negative world right now we need to be built up not torn down. So I try to think and pray over all the good things that God has done for us, from the cross to this beautiful ocean that I am looking at. What an amazing God to have formed all of this and us!! Everything has a purpose in this world....Do you know yours and are you living it out? Good question for the day...huh????

well gotta go I hear Daddy stirring..gotta go cook some sausage!!!! Better go help:)

Be Blessed!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beckham's Dedication

WOW..I am so behind on blogging. Well where to begin. We had the awesome honor of having Beckham dedication on mother's day this year. He was a trooper. He wanted to go to sleep back stage and we kept playing with him to keep him awake. We got to do Rylie's dedication on Mother's day as well. It is such a blessing to be able to do that. I remember not long ago that I never wanted to even get out of bed on mother's day just another day to remind me I WASN'T a mother. But I serve an amazing God and He had some ultimate plans for our lives and made us parents in a special way and we were HONORED to dedicate our babies over to God and make a pledge that we will do all that we can to bring him up in the way that God wants us to. To pray with them, read the word with them and help lead them to Him. So when they get old enough and ready they to will accept Jesus in their hearts. It is such a special time in a parent's life.

We then went to Fat Cheung's and ate for mother's day with the family. It was so nice minus the one person who had issues with their food, but we will not be naming names;)

We then came home and had a relaxing rest of the day. It is so hard trying to get around to everyone's house we gave up along time ago. We ended up seeing Robbie's grandmother another day for Mother's day.

ANOTHER amazing thing that happen on Mother's Day was a little girl was born who became Margaret "Maggie" Stewart Summer was born in florida weighing 8lbs 19 inches long. The couple that I have been blogging about asking for Prayer they tried one failed attempt of IVF and then started home study for adoption. They adopted a sweet sweet baby girl from florida. They got call on monday and went and got her on tuesday...all papers signed!!! Start to finish their adoption process was less than 3 when GOD moves He moves!!!! Did down in their hearts they wanted a girl but didn't list preference and then theywish the baby was born in florida bc they have family that they could stay with. BOTH were answered...God listens to all the details and IF it is his will then HE will provide in HIS time not ours which is the hardest thing to remember. I am so happy for Llyod and Leslie. Baby Maggie you have no idea how much you are loved and wanted before you were here on this earth. God has special plans for you and I am so blessed that I get to watch it all unfold for you!!

GOD is so freaking cool!!!! He shows out sometimes I think, like "Hey watch this";)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy mother's day ! Thanks Susan for email!!

To moms I admire!!!!!!MOTHERS Real Mothers don't eat quiche;They don't have time to make it.Real Mothers know that their kitchen utensils Are probably in thesandbox.Real Mothers often have sticky floors,Filthy ovens and happy kids.Real Mothers know that dried play doughDoesn't come out of carpets.Real Mothers don't want to know whatThe vacuum just sucked up.Real Mothers sometimes ask 'Why me?'And get their answer when a littleVoice says, 'Because I love you best.'Real Mothers know that a child's growthIs not measured by height or years or grade...It is marked by the progression of Mommy to Mom to Mother...

The Images of Mother
4 YEARS OF AGE - My Mommy can do anything!
8 YEARS OF AGE - My Mom knows a lot! A whole lot!
12 YEARS OF AGE - My Mother doesn't really know quite everything.
14 YEARS OF AGE - Naturally, Mother doesn't know that, either.
16 YEARS OF AGE - Mother? She's hopelessly old-fashioned.
18 YEARS OF AGE - That old woman? She's way out of date!
25 YEARS OF AGE - Well, she might know a little bit about it!
35 YEARS OF AGE - Before we decide, let's get Mom's opinion.
45 YEARS OF AGE - Wonder what Mom would have thought about it?
65 YEARS OF AGE - Wish I could talk it over with Mom.

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure she carries, or the way she combs her hair.The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, Because that is thedoorway to her heart, The place where love resides.The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, But true beauty in awoman is reflected in her soul.It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she Shows,and the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows!

When I am an old lady..thanks for the email Betty!!

When I'm an old lady, I'll live with each kid, And bring so much happiness...just as they did. I want to pay back all the joy they've provided. Returning each deed! Oh, they'll be so excited! (When I'm an old lady and live with my kids) I'll write on the wall with reds, whites and blues, And I'll bounce on the furniture...wearing my shoes.. I'll drink from the carton and then leave it out. I'll stuff all the toilets and oh, how they'll shout! (When I'm an old lady and live with my kids) When they're on the phone and just out of reach, I'll get into things like sugar and bleach. Oh, they'll snap their fingers and then shake their head, (When I'm an old lady and live with my kids) When they cook dinner and call me to eat, I'll not eat my green beans or salad or meat, I'll gag on my okra, spill milk on the table, And when they get angry...I'll run...if I'm able! (When I'm an old lady and live with my kids) I'll sit close to the TV, through the channels I'll click, I'll cross both eyes just to see if they stick. I'll take off my socks and throw one away, And play in the mud 'til the end of the day! (When I'm an old lady and live with my kids) And later in bed, I'll lay back and sigh, I'll thank God in prayer and then close my eyes. My kids will look down with a smile slowly creeping, And say with a groan, 'She's so sweet when she's sleeping!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Today is the day!!

This is Rylie's version of the video that I posted from Lincoln Brewster..she goes around singing this all the time...the sweetest voice ever!! You can even hear Robbie chime in at the end..I have a different recording of her singing it on our other blog...too cute..she was a ham this night!! It is so funny how they catch on to the little things and she sings it the way SHE wants to sing it and that is the way it is to be sung;)

She is such a blessing!! God bless and have a great night...BTW just a reminder at 1030 service at CMC we are getting Beckham dedicated!! yeah on mother's day such a blessing for us both!!! Come one come all and join us!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

This weekend!

This weekend was AMAZING. My sissy, mother in law and I went to a womens seminar at The Church of Winder and it was so wonderful. I can not stress how much I learned and how touched I was by so many of those couragious women. I look forward to this seminar every year. It is amazing how much has changed since my first seminar. It was 2006 and I was so broken I wanted to be a mother and we were in the midst of the adoption waiting and that seminar the ladies laid hands and prayed over me. That August our lil Rylie was born. Then in 2007 they asked me to speak at the seminar which I was so humbles and honored to do so. It was great sharing our adoption story. Then last year I wanted another baby but knew we couldn't afford adoption again and there was a lady taht spoke named Beth. She preached on Hannah and samuel and she said that there is a person here tonight that God is telling her that she needs to trust in Him and know that a "samuel" will be born to her. I had remembered a dream last october 2007 that we had a son. They prayed for me yet again and that June we were asked if we would adopt a baby...that later was to be our son Beckham our "samuel"..GOD is so AMAZING and I felt like after we adopted Rylie that we were out of blessings....we were not worthy of her...that was the biggest blessing ever..well..we serve an amazing God who goes above and beyond and does good for those who love him and He blessed us again...I vowed to ALWAYS give HIM all the glory and praise for our babies and how they came to be...he put all the peices together to weave our perfect little family...we are so blessed and we thank God for that...I could go on and on about this weekend and what a blessing it was to me...
we have a busy week ahead of us again..I am excited this is vacation month and it can not get here quick enough...we get to take Beckham to the beach for the first time!! I found out that my daddy has to have surgery on his knee they have to set it up...Please pray for healing!!!
I am exhausted and ready to go to bed..God bless all of you!!

Today is the day!!!

This is a song that our church sings and is one of my favorites. Rylie has picked up on it and running around singing it all the time...who knew church could be so fun!!! OURS Is!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

6 months old and some bath time fun!

He would not stretch out those legs to show how much he has was so funny. I would pull them down and they would shoot right back up!! Can you believe it Beckham will be 6 months old tomorrow...Time is flying by so fast!!