Wednesday, December 31, 2008

prayer request

I have an urgent prayer BIL Ronnie went back into hospital today with an abscess to back where he just had back surgery 14 days ago..they had to take him back into surgery drain the area and then leave it open with a drain to allow it to heal..he will be in hospital for 4-5 days and that is not away to start new year off....
They are having financial difficulites and this will ONLY set them back that much more...

then Kelley Peppers a good friend of ours lost her grandmother this week...she was 94 and lived a long life, but a huge loss to their many families I am sure she was the centerblock of the family...
please pray for these families during their tough times....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

our Butterbean part one

Our world
Hanging out with daddy

Our Popa and GiGi
It is hard to believe that Beckham is already 7 time flies....he has been such a blessing to us. He is one of the best babies. He hardly cries, he is definatly eating if you can not tell by the pictures. I could just eat him up. You can not even look at him sometimes when he eats he jsut stops and smiles and milk runs out both sides of his mouth. We are looking forward to this christmas with our new little one. Rylie has been getting into the excite me of christmas and we are just thrilled about this year and can only imagine next year. We hope everyone has a merry Christmas and God Bless!

Our butterbean

one happy baby

us at church this past sunday

"why is she always flashing that thing at me"

"ooohhh that light is kinda bright"

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Annual ornament exchange at the Willards!

It has become tradition to have an ornament exchange at the Willards with the gang every year. Just in the past few years our group has changed alot. Especially this year we have added on two new babies, Lilly (Dayna and Brad's lil girl) and Beckham our whopper of a boy;) It is so nice to get everyone together and have a great meal and just hang out and tell stories, not to mention get great ornaments. With every passing year there seems to be more and more UGA ornaments...we walked away this year with one UGA ornament and a little ducky ornament which was so fitting with the new baby. Everyone's lives are so busy especially around christmas and it is nice to slow down and be around great friends and celebrate our friendship and each other. THanks to Troy and Brandi for allowing us to get together at your house. We had a wonderful time. Enjoy the pictures from our evening. I did not take any of the actual ornament exchange because around that time Beckham decided to throw up dinner all down my shirt and his clothes and take a big poo, so mommy aka family picture taker was preoccupied:)
Have a blessed day!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008



Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our first pictures as family of 4-christmas 2008

We went to portrait innovations and they were CRAZY...we have been mulitple times before but man this time was unreal...Beckham was asleep the entire first session and then Rylie was done by the second session..she was times I tell you but pictures are one of my favorite things!!

Just a little of what is going on with us !

Hey guys,
Just wanted to update you on things that are going on in our world. I took Rylie and Beckham to the doctor yesterday. Beckham was for his ONE month check up can you believe it...He is 5 weeks now and had to get one shot yesterday. He was a trooper as well and let out one whimper and looked at me like why did you do that and it was over. He did so good. Dr. Molock just played with him. She was the actual doctor that took care of him when he was in hospital and meet with birthparents. She has been Rylie's MD from the beginning and she said she is so excited to get to see them grow and know that she took care of him in hospital and meet Birthparents. It is so cool how things all work out. Ok so she says Beckham is obviously doing great because his weight was 11 lbs & 1.5 oz WOW can you believe it. I knew he was growing into his skin:0, but man REALLY 11lbs...she said she can't say I don't feed him. We have been doing a minut amount of cereal in his bottle for past few weeks to hold him over at night, but it doesn't work. I told her I think the cereal just stimulated his appetite, and he eats more. She said no that boys typically eat more, and that he was just going to be a big baby. And later down the line it would all even out. She said Beckham will weigh what Rylie weighs now 26lbs when he is 6months. That is her prediction, and she said that is ok most boys will do that and then after toddler age even out.
Here is his stats:
Weight 11lbs 1.5oz 66% percentile
height 22 1/4 inches 57% percentile
HC 15 34% percentile Rylie weighed 10.4 at her TWO month checkup..
Beckham is such a sweet soul. He smiles and just looks at you with those trusting eyes. He grunts when he is hungry and crys only if his belly is hurting him. Other than those two things he smiles and cooing now. He loves to ride in the car and hates to have his arms bundled down in the blanket he likes his arms free. It is so sweet. He has sprayed all most everyone in the family already. You have to be quick with his diaper changing something we didn't have to worry about with Rylie.

Rylie is still being a little mommy but at times gettting a little more jealous now. But that is only understandable. There was a lady at church the other day holding Beckham and she looked at me and said "get Beckham back" and I told her no Kathy is holding Beckham and she told her daddy to..well I GUESS she felt we were not listening to her and so she told Kathy politly in a rude way "GIVE ME MY BECKHAM BACK, NOW!!" and we all cracked up because she meant it. She shows ownership to him unless it is al nightime and she wants only mommy's attention.
I took Rylie for a recheck on her ear infection afew weeks back. She still has a viral cough and they told me it was nothing to worry about wait 5 days, etc...the same old stuff I tell all of my patients and what I thought they would say, but wanted to hear from someone else. I try not to doctor my babies, because if I was to ever misdiagnos it would kill me and that is (prayfully) why we have insurance as well. So I pray all of her cough clears up. Yesterday at walmart I was getting on to her about being ugly it was nap time and she was being snippy and I told her Santa might not come and he is always watching you...and no lie an off duty Santa in his overalls walked right around the corner in walmart and her face was PRICELESS...I mean I could not have written it any she straighten up for awhile until he was out of sight;)

Robbie and I are great ready for a wonderful christmas season with our family. Robbie has two large projects that he is working on and will have till end of the month he had to work this past saturday and probably this saturday to help finish it due to the holiday coming up. PRAISE God for the overtime, because I have had a limited work schedule just until Beckham gets a little older and more mature immune system to go to Gigi's with the other kiddies. My work has been busy lots of sick folks LOTS of walk ins. I feel like going through a haz mat decon room before coming home to my family.

All is well in the Beddingfield household. We are still trying to get use to having two kiddos. With the cold rainy weather it is hard to get out and just go anywhere. I can not wait to see everyone saturday at the party!!! looking forward to it hope everyone can make it to the Willards!!
well I have rambled enough..the babies are both asleep and I actually have some alone computer time to get my thoughts together;)
Take care and I hope ALL of you have a blessed christmas and remember the true meaning of chritmas and celebrate!! If anyone does not have a home church feel free to come visit Chestnut mountain is the BEST church in the world and we are not biased!!! That last bit sounded like a TV ad..but really our doors are always open and we can always meet you there!!
Take care and GOD bless!
Love, Robbie, Billie, Rylie and Beckham

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some pictures to share!!

our babies
He is such a sweet heart!!
Hanging out with big sissy
Chicks dig me...huh...they have to be approved by big sissy
Rylie with her santa letter!!! she wants a screwdriver, a black toy from mcdonald's and a hanah "tana" the funny things they say and do now!!
She heard one of us say " what the " but we didn't say the last part it was all by accident and she filled in the last part for us (hell) and just smiled like she did us a favor...we ignored it for this time but man did it make us feel REALLY bad!!!! leason learned!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not a word spoken!!

It is amazing how God answers prayers and acts on your behalf without you even asking for Him to do so. David Clark at CMC can vouched for God doing that for him. Well as you know I am a mother of 2 adoptees...they are two of God's greatest gifts to to us. Well I have had a secret desire in my heart after adopting Rylie and only shared with a couple of people. I have felt I needed to work with couples dealing with infertility or with couples thinking about adoption. Since Rylie I have healed turn a couple on to adoption and they went and adopted a little boy and could not be happier...Also I talk with my patients at work that have struggled with infertility...who better to minister than someone who has walked in the fire. Well through CR I also felt like God was trying to pull me in that direction as well. I never prayed to him about it or voiced anything outside of my head. Well I emailed the one half of the couple that assisted us in our adoption journey on Rylie and told her about Beckham. Well she emailed me back and told me that they have started an adoption agency in Georgia and was needed some help with getting the word out and marketing and wanted to meet with me...Man I just started crying and prayed to God to use me in the way that He needed to us me with this. I just feel such a burden for these women having abortions and NEVER thinking about the other options...such as adoption or keeping the baby. I just feel that they need education to know that there is a baby there and it is not "just tissue". SO I wanted to share this with everyone. I do not know where God is going to lead me. I am blessed to be able to share adoption and infertility woes with my patients and if that is what God intends for me to do then that is enough, but if he wants to use me more than I am up for the task. I just wanted to share how good my God is and how he is always there for you and hears everything and only wants the best for us. Sometimes you don't even have to ask and he hears and answeres prayers...Isn't that AWESOME to serve a God like that;)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving at our house

just some candid shots of our family

daddy and beckham
mommy and her sweeties
Beckham in his he loves this thing even though he has a constipated look in this picture

When Rylie was a baby she tried to suck on my chin if I was to get close in her face to give her loving and Beckham did the same thing and Robbie got a picture of it was so sweet...
Then one is of him getting use to the infant carrier..There is not much room for him and boobies...poor guy...
There is one of RYlie, Beckham and Me that is our every night before bedtime..good thing I have a lap big enough for two...I told Robbie a few more babies might could fit...and he choked on his drink;)
then there is one of daddy and Beckham

Lilly Anne Kiley

sweet Lilly
Just hanging with the boys..
Rylie meeting miss Lilly for the first time!

Here are some pictures of our first meeting with the light of the Kileys world right now, little miss Lilly. She is such a sweet can just tell it..she looks just like Brad. SHe was so cute in her little outfit doing all of her new yoga poses;) too sweet..Thanks for letting us come and visit you guys!!

Give Thanks

Rylie, Popa and GIGI
Bryant goofing off as usual!!
Our family of four!
Collin and Rylie two fellow adoptees..should have got Beck in the picture ..oops!!

We have so much to be thankful for this year. I wanted to make a list but I would be here forever. The most present blessing is the birth of our son. God used such imperfect people to fulfil his perfect plan for Beckham. He is an amazing God that we serve and I am so thankful for my relationship with him. That is number one on my list for sure. I could go on and on but will spare you and I have to feed Beckham....but we have so much more than we ever deserve that is for sure...

above are just a couple of pics from Thanksgiving. one is of Bryant wearing his annual thanksgiving bib...just kidding Beckham let him borrow his;)
and then there is one of Collin and Rylie two adoptees...looking so freaking cute I cant stand it...they both are such great kids...