Thursday, February 26, 2009

about time!

Our little guy decided to show us his new trick last pm. He was lying in the bed with us while we were watching TV and talking to Rylie and he rolled over to get a better look at his sister. It was so effortless and swift and of course I had to run and get camera but only got the turtle neck picture. I rolled him back over to get him to try again so I could get a picture and it was a no go....I am so proud that he decided to show us his trick!!!

Things have been full here at the Beddingfield house.

Yesterday was Rylie's first dentist appointment and she was such a big girl.I have talked it up for several weeks now and man I tell you I am so proud of our little girl. She allowed them to clean all of her teeth and put "princess sparkles" on them. Then they said they would try to xrays but might be pressing their luck. Rylie went into the room with out any problem and sat in my lap and took a set of xrays without any repeats or mess ups. She sat there so still and did such a great job. They all were very pleased with Rylie so much they gave her more gifts to take home with her. They were so nice.Then mommy took her to get a hair cut for the second time, however the first time was only a small trim at age 2 and she cried the entire time. Well this time was much different and she sat there like a big girl and even got a braid put in her hair. I was so proud I took her to the mall for some lunch, cookies and a merry go round ride. It was a great day for mommy and daughter time. She was so sweet all day long. Then Robbie and I had our dentist appointment that afternoon however I didn't get "princess sparkles" for my teeth nor any parting gifts;(

Beckham is growing like a weed. He goes for 4 month check up in a few weeks I can not wait to see how much he weighs. He will be 4 months on the 1st can you believe it!!! He has lost all of his hair except for this thick patch at the top ofh is head man it looks just like a toupee...It is so funny! He is such a happy baby. We had to start him on zantac for reflux and he has been doing well with it. I hate that he is taking anything but the spit up was getting worse. He seems much better with the Zantac.

Robbie and I are good. We wish we had a date night coming soon without kids, but one is not in sight. We are taking Rylie to circus in the morning and so excited about that. Rylie has had a great week. I have interviewed twice for a small PRN posistion and they want to hire me however it is a new state funded program and they are trying to work out all the kinks in it first. It is funny I was gungho about interviewing and now I think back on this week and my two days off and all that I shared with Rylie I don't want to use up any of my days off for that. So I truely ask you to pray with me for God's will to be done. We REALLY could use the extra money to get back on top of things at our house. I just got my doctor bill and apparently a new boodie costs 11,000 PRAISE GOD our portion is 400.00. It just seems when ever you think you are getting on top something knocks you down. But we are blessed beyond anything that we can ever imgaine. There are so many families facing bankruptcy and foreclosure. I just keep praising God through it all and know that He is there holding our hands!!! What a good feeling that is!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our little Rolly Polly

So for a couple of weeks Beckham has been "trying" to roll over but he would get stuck with his shoulder under him and just couldn't make it. Well my mom calls me at work yesterday and says "you didn't tell me Beckham could roll over" and I said he hasn't completely as of yet. well she precedes to tell me that he rolled completely over without any hesitation three times on Monday. Well when I got home I wanted to see his new trick and he wouldn't even do it for me. Well I get him today from GiGi's house and he rolled over twice with her. So everyone has seen his new trick except dear old mom and dad. What is up with that. I remember it took Rylie FOREVER to roll over but I guess rolling over requires you to lay her on the floor;) and we held her ALL the time. Anyway just bitter sweet a mile stone has come and passed......

Sunday, February 8, 2009


We did it. Feburary 6th at 9 am was our finalization day. Sherriann our attorney and lots of family and friends came out to support us in our adoption of Beckham. Beckham was wide awake while we were waiting our turn but then fell asleep when we went to judges chambers. Penn Mcwhorter precided the finalization. Mr. Mcwhorter saw my dad Billy and said " can not allow this baby to live any where near you" jokingly....We said we don't know that man and lets keep it moving;)
It was funny and light hearted. He said this is one of the few things that is fun for his job. We are so blessed. We held to tradition and went to waffle house after hearing that is the only place to get a good breakfast in Winder...and Rylie was pleased about it..she loves WH.
We had such a busy day we went to get pictures done for Beck's 3 month. We did "relationship" pictures and even at 3 months they turned out great. He was a sweet baby boy when we got his pics done. I can wait to get them to share.
We then came home and got Rylie from Nannie's and went to eat at Ruby Tuesday's and as you see in the last few pictures we were all exhausted. Poor Rylie almost fell asleep in the car.
It was a blessed day and ALL praise and GLORY to be God who orchestrated the ENTIRE adoption. He had special plans for Beckham and we are so blessed to be apart of those plans.
Then the cherry on top this week...was CMC our church asked us to speak on how God calmed our storms during our infertility and financing the adoptions. So we got to share a small snidbit with the church to show how faithful God is and how HE provides if you only believe and trust in HIM!!! when you look back at Rylie and Beckham's adoptions you can't help but see GOD all over them. He orchestrated it all from the "gift" of infertility that "saved" my life all the way to "saving" Beckham's life...HE is the ALPHA OMEGA, the messiah, emmanuel, johova jira...all praise and glory to him for our babies!!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

YEAH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a picture of Mathew Scott Barr....GOD is so good!!

I just got this email from our friends who was adopting again from same birthmother as their son was adopted.....It went fine and all is well..papers signed...PRAISE GOD!!!!

It is finished. I am having a problem with emails sending out.
He was born yesterday. Healthy, 7lb. 3oz, 20 in. long
All papers were signed today around noon. sorry for not getting to you. I can receive emails but none will go out.
Praise the Lord and thanks for your prayers. Emily has adapter for photo card so I will send pics tonight from the server as the outlook not working.
Love, Cheryl

Thursday, February 5, 2009


This is a devotion that I subscribe fitting since tomorrow is our finalization day!!!

By Dennis and Barbara Rainey
February 5
Adopted by God
Ephesians 1:4,5
Just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before Him. In love He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ.
I always knew, from this verse in Ephesians, that we have been "adopted" by God. We did not know Him or seek Him, but He reached down and chose us to be part of His family.
But the meaning of that passage never hit home until 1983, when God gave us our fifth child.
Barbara and I were in New York City, about to speak at a marriage conference. We received a message to call a friend back in Little Rock, and when we saw the name we looked at each other. It was the name of an obstetrician.
For three years we had prayed about the possibility of adopting a child, and we had mentioned it to this doctor. So when we called him he said, "We've got a baby for you."
We said, "You what?"
"We have a teenage girl who is having a baby right now and she told us some time ago, when she first came in, that she wanted the baby raised in a good Christian home. We thought that yours might be a likely one."
Soon we found ourselves conducting a family conference by speakerphone with our four kids. "Hey kids, how would you all like to have another baby?" The unanimous cheer went up, "Yeah!" They did not even need to vote on it.
So we returned home to a newly enlarged family. The little girl's name was Deborah. I believe she has been placed divinely in our home. We adopted her-making her our own. And I believe God feels the same way about you and me. We are His. We have been redeemed and placed in the family and given an inheritance. We are in God's family! We are His adopted sons and daughters.
Thank God for causing you to be holy and blameless before Him because of His Son, Jesus Christ.
Discuss: What type of life did God take you from when He "adopted" you? Describe the changes in your life since you've been adopted into His family

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our lil' BIG man!

Look at Beckham and that thumb...
This picture is too funny and he will hate me for this oneday as many of the other pictures...but Beckham is loosing his hair around on the sides like a racetrack. One morning he woke up with his hair piled on top of his head like a toupee...We were cracking up...
Just had to share this one as well..God has really provided Beckham with a good start to having a good foundation...We pray he places it on the "ROCK"

Annual Superbowl Party

This year was a great year. The game was a good game for the most part...the commercials could have been better but hey they couldn't sell the spots...what more can I ask for???
Everyone was healthy and we had a great time with food and friends. We got to celebrate the two newest members of the group to Candi and Mike and Kelly and Dusty. They got to see Beckham and Lilly for the first time. We had a great time and wanted to share some pictures with you guys!!!

Blog Award!!!

I received this blog award from Deann Smithson. This award is for those who step out of their comfort zone and make new friends through their blog. I am thrilled to be given this award! !!! I am new to the blogging world, but have found it a lot of fun. It is an awesome way to show how God has blessed us with our babies through adoption.

1 Samuel 1:27 I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.
We serve an awesome God who loves us and wants the best for us.

Thanks Deann and God Bless you and your family...He is doing mighty things in your family.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Finalization on Friday!!!

Praise God this Friday is our finalization day for Beckham's adoption. It is at 9am. Please pray that all goes well. Our homestudy lady called today to say that she is "mailing" our study our lawyer.Pray that all falls into place and we get to do this on friday as planned. If anyone wants to come and join us in the judges chambers at the court house feel free..the more the merrier...We would love to see you there!! God Bless and thanks so much for all the prayers!!!