Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lions, Tigers, Bears OH MY!!!

We have been off all week and doing lots of work around the house that we have neglected. We have had one busy week, however on friday our family went to the zoo (courtesy of a patient of mine). We got there without any incidencies. We all had a blast. When asked what was Rylie's favorite animals she said "peandos" AKA panda and the "Kangadoo" AKA Kangaroo. It was so halarious to hear her say pandas. They were beautiful. If I had to guess at what animal was Beck's favorite it too would be the Pandas. He sat there and just watched them and laughed at them. He also enjoyed laughing and gunting at the orangatangs which were putting on a show for us! Then he laughed and danced when the otters were playing in their water. It was a cool day not hot and all the animals were happy it seemed. I remember we went one year when we first married and it was so hot than none of the animals came out to play. We came home and went to eat at Rylie's favorite place "OK" oriental kitchen "shinese". Needless to say the perfect end to a perfect day with the family!
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