Sunday, June 27, 2010


omg..ok I am the worst blogger in the world...I suck at it...but since FB I do everything on there but remember that many of my firends don't do fb and I apologize for it..but it is a great way to keep up with friends.... has been an exciting past few months...we have been busy with these two kiddies.
Robbie coached Rylie's pret team and I was team there was a learning curve with all of that. She did awesome and can't wait to play again this fall. We met some wonderful people. The pruitt's are some of them and we have spent a lot of time with them and their kids this summer and look forward to getting to know them better
Beck is growing leaps and bounds. He loves his big sissy still(thank God) and he loves " L O " aka ELMO...There is nothing he can't say he just choses when to speak and say it. He doesn't have to speak bc Rylie does everything for him. They make a cute pair.
we are so blessed to have eveyone healthy right now...Robbie was in hospital with pneumonia in feb for about a week and out of work for 6 weeks. Man it has been crazy and hard here..but God has sustained us through it all. I had an allergic reaction to a med and had to go to er and now insurance is refusing not to pay the pray over that situation as well. Both kids are well and happy thank God!

We are gearing up for a busy next two months at the Beddingfield's we are blessed and getting to go on a weekend excursion without the kids this weekend for a rafting trip. SO looking forward to it.We will miss the babies but loving the time alone with some great new friends and the sis and BIL.

Jami O. is getting married to Tyler on August 14th which leads to a million things to plan and do and buy since I am matron of honor (honored and blessed she asked me)...Lots of work but wouldn't trade it for the glad this moment has came for Jami and so blessed to be a part of it. We will be having her a shower on AUgust 1st for the gang and looking forward to seeing everyone again.
August 21st we will be having Rylie's bday party and looking forward to getting to reminense about the wedding and hear about the honey moon trip!!! Only certain details though Jami....
Robbie and I are doing great...trying to stay cool in this heat.I had to have a repeat mammogram for a nodule I felt but it was begnign they feel and we will repeat it in 6 months..merry christmas to me!!!

Robbie and I will be celebrating out 10 yr anniversary in sept. Can you guys believe it...time has flown by I look forward to 150 more years with my big daddy! He is my prince still! I don't know what I would do without that man in my life. I could not have picked a better hubby or daddy to my babies.
We are still working in same places for now...and loving it! I love my patients and my coworkers..and the fact of not working a full week...shelfish I know but LOVING it!!
shot out to christa and her team winning the tricounty fast pitch softball championship and heading to state!! go all the way girls...
I am going to go for now the bed is calling my name...I have a prayer request right now is for my boss's youngest son Bilal he is in hospital with pneumonia and he will be 2 in august. I couldn't imagine.
God bless you guys and love to you all!

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